What's New
  • Grab and Drag 2.8.2 released
  • Grab and Drag is registered at Babelzilla for translation to other languages
Other Stuff
  • Jim Chen's Gesso extension enables the Vista floating TIP in Firefox. It is currently being incorporated into the Mozilla codebase for automatic TIP support in future releases of Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.
  • GeckoTIP enables the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition floating TIP in several Mozilla apps.
  • Improve your Tablet PC or UMPC's pen responsiveness throughout Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with the Tabtip-Tamer program.
  • I highly recommend the Easy DragToGo extension by Sunwan for users of Grab and Drag. It is an enhanced version of the popular Super Drag and Go extension.

The Grab And Drag extension provides a number of alternative ways to scroll pages in Firefox. It provides Adobe Acrobat-style grab and drag page scrolling and scrollbar-style scrolling initiated by dragging anywhere on the screen. Grab and Drag also recognizes mouse "Flick" gestures for scrolling up, down, left, or right a screenful at a time, and supports page "Momentum", allowing a page to continue scrolling when dragged at a constant velocity and released.

Note: The latest versions of Grab and Drag support Firefox 3.0 only. Thunderbird is no longer being supported. Sorry!
Grab and Drag 2.8.1 (Firefox 3.0 and above only)
Grab and Drag (Firefox/Thunderbird 2.*)

Grab and Drag in action on a touchscreen device:

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